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Let your patients access your healthcare offering remotely, at their fingertips. DocIS is a digital telehealth platform that lets healthcare providers and clinics offer virtual healthcare and remote consultation for their patients.

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Transforming virtual care — The shift is real

DocIS’s mission is to make healthcare affordable, accessible and available to all your patients digitally.

HD Video consultation

Consult your patients anywhere, anytime and on any device using DocIS’s video consultation feature.

Remote patient monitoring

Monitor and check your patient’s vitals remotely, at the comfort of their homes, with our IoT medical devices.

Fully digital platform

Manage your offerings like appointments, payment, prescription and so on digitally on DocIS’s platform.

Consult top doctors online for any health concern

Private online consultations with verified doctors in all specialists


Internal Medicine

Mental Health


Physical Therapy

Psychiatry (ER)

Consult from anywhere, on any device

Offer instant, high quality video consultation using our browser-based video
call feature. Connect through the web on your mobile or desktop or any other device of your choice.

Monitor your patients health, remotely

Tracking your patients health can now be done at the comfort of their homes. Stay on top of your patient’s vitals like BP, ECG, heart rate, temperature and so on remotely using our IoT medical devices.

Take your healthcare offerings online

Go digital in the true sense. Manage your offerings like appointments, payment, prescription and so on digitally for easier reference and record keeping.

Join the healthcare revolution today and offer best-in-class virtual care with DocIS